Monday, June 24, 2019

Family values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Family values - Essay ExampleThis paper helps to thus discuss the kind of dissimilarity that has ranged over the years between boys and girls as well as the kind of discipline that reigned between mothers and fathers with respect to bringing up their children.In the nineteenth century, the States faced a great amount of debate with respect to the role of men and women within society. In most countries and customs around the world, women were always believed to be the lesser mortals and were given lesser preference over men. Women were seldom allowed to work or leave the house in order to carry on with their have lives because their lives were supposed to revolve around their male counterparts, families and households. Women did not receive much education either, because their parents believed that they were to be married by the time they were nineteen or twenty, and thus there was not much scope to study or work after getting married.As time proceeded, women were given more and mo re sizeableness in society as they began to prove themselves at par with the men. They came up in business, corporate sectors as well as education and extracurricular activities want sports and other cultural related aspects of life. Women began to read and write and the literacy rates went higher up. In the household, in earlier times, fathers had more say over what their children were to do or be when they grew up. In older America, most fathers ruled over the lives of their children, mostly the boys, and they were brought up to believe that their only purpose was to carry on the family name and bequest as well as the business if there was one. Mothers did not have much say in the lives of their children and only cared about the girls with respect to understanding the agony and trauma that the children went through.In recent times however, such a thought process has undergone a vast amount of change as women have actually come up and shined in all aspects. Sports are no longer seen as a mans domain as women have

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