Thursday, September 26, 2019

Dance Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dance Paper - Assignment Example Therefore, according to the narrator in the video, respect for other people’s ideas is paramount to encourage tolerance. He adds that silence is the worst form of decision because it stifles opinion on important matters. LaLaLa Human Steps: LaLaLa Human Sex duo no. is video by Edourd Lock and it runs for 1.6 minutes. It involves a gestural dance characterized by fast and difficult partnering during movements while using the horizontal plane. However, there are contrasting views concerning the male dancer’s energy including the body language to that of the female dancer. First, both dancers are vigorous in their undertaking to depict the gestures of sex when done without the necessary precaution (Minton 167). Second, the dominance on stage by the dances is demonstration of the unifying belief of the dangers posed by irresponsible sex. However, issues of gender stereotypes are being pushed in the choreography worth noting. For example, women are cast in the video as passive and, thus, direct recipients of the sexual innuendos. Likewise, the choreography assumes that only men are the stronger sexual beings as opposed to their counterparts. Smoke is a video by Mats Ek and it lasts for 20 minutes demonstrating the relationship between a man and woman namely Niklas Ek and Slyvie Guillem. The use of the wall, hence, is a vital platform to convey the tension between the dancers because it reveals the barrier in sexuality. It also displays the essence of continuation from a neutral background. On the other hand, the camera tricks such as retrograde and close-ups enable the telling of the story to assume authenticity because it makes both dancers in real in the choreography. In that perspective, the dancers mostly use their arms and bellies as surfaces for partnering to send a clear message of sexuality and its undertones. Ms Guillem’s character, however, during her sole takes the form of

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