Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Leading and Controlling SLP Part One Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Leading and Controlling SLP Part One - Essay Example Bill Gates has encouraged his employees by giving them heavy salaries, incentives, bonuses and perks which is something that has inspired the people working at Microsoft over the years. Bill Gates never went the authoritative route because it was something against his personality. As far as his communication realms were concerned, he liked to convey his point of view in a sedate manner because he believed that this was the best mannerism that he could have brought forward. The authoritarian role seems to be a missing link within his character which is somewhat of a positive sign without a doubt (Fridson, 2001). Bill Gates has been a leader who has inspired others around him as well as in different corners of the world. His name has always sparked leadership of the highest value. This is the reason why he is hailed not only within the technological world but also in other industries across the board (Hyde, 2000). His personality is such that he can easily be regarded as a transformational leader, one who was able to enhance the motivation levels of the people working with him as well as under the aegis of Microsoft. He raised their morale and the performance that came along with such a positive nuance which the employees had within their entireties. As a leader, he has fulfilled his functions in a very satisfying manner. This has been showcased by the numerous decisions that he has taken over a period of time. The release of the Windows from time to time is one step that he took towards calling the shots, which was received in a very good stead by the people all over the world (Hillis, 2000). The functions of a leader have therefore been fulfilled amicably well by Bill Gates who knew that since his name meant a great deal of value, he could only use it in a positive manner all the same. The vision that Bill Gates brought forward focused a great deal on how well Microsoft as an organization was willing to move forward

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