Friday, March 6, 2020

Adults and children essayEssay Writing Service

Adults and children essayEssay Writing Service Adults and children essay Adults and children essayMany adults become upset when young people break with traditions of the past. Some of them become upset, others become angry, while there are adults who start to swear hard. Their reaction may be different in different situations. Undoubtedly, these adults cannot be justified in reacting this way for a number of reasons.First, adults should not think only about their own beliefs, values and experiences that affect their lifestyle. Young people should be given an opportunity to develop their own traditions, which are consistent with their lifestyles. For example, young people love new trends in music. They should not be forbidden to listen to the music they love. Adults’ preferences in music are different. If there is a tradition in the family to listen to classical music, adults have no right to insist on holding this tradition by the younger generation.Second, adults should not have a powerful influence on young people’s opinions. It is necessa ry to take into consideration that the times are changing. There is a saying: â€Å"you either break tradition, or the tradition will break you†. Adults should not allow young people to become the victims of old traditions. Adults should adjust to changes in life because life is changing constantly. In other words, adults should make concrete adjustments according to the times they live in. For example, there is a family tradition to spend Christmas Eve at home. However, young people prefer to spend this holiday together. Adults should not interfere because of the changing times.Thus, it is necessary to conclude that there is much evidence from the experiences of people regarding the inappropriateness of adults’ behavior and reaction when young people break with traditions of the past. Many young people have acquired traditions from previous generations and continue to hold these traditions, without any knowledge of their meaning. Adults should adjust to the changing t imes and allow young people to develop their own traditions.

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