Thursday, November 21, 2019

Marketing strategies of the Sage Gateshead Case Study

Marketing strategies of the Sage Gateshead - Case Study Example The intention of this study is Sage Gateshead as a famous centre for musical performance, education and conference situated in Gateshead on the south bank of River Tyne, which is found in the North-East of England. It began operations in 2004 although it was launched sometimes back in 1950s. The location of Sage is part of the Gateshead Quays development which encompass the BALTIC basis for modern Art and the Millennium bridge of Gateshead. The Sage Gateshead region entails a â€Å"curvy glass and stainless steel† construction modeled by Foster and associates, Buro Happold who participated as structural engineer, Arup as an acoustic and Mott Macdonald – building services, with observations from Gateshead Quayside and Newcastle, Tyne Bridge and the millennium bridge at Gateshead. The entire planning and development process cost more than 70 million pounds, money that was contributed mainly using the National Lottery grants. The main outworker was Laing O’Rourke. S age Gateshead centre has a variety of patrons, mainly the Sage Group Plc who raised a big lot of money to have the construction in their name. They have also been playing vital role in supporting generous activities of the Sage Gateshead since its outset. The research analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). The paper also answers vital questions concerning Sage Gateshead that helps to bring out a clear image of Sage Gateshead. ... It examines its history, facts and figures about Sage Gateshead, its marketing strategy and how it outshines its strongest competitors in the region. The paper also looks at its SWOT Analysis where it examines the strongholds of the company and its weak points and threats (Furnivall, 1999). Brief History of Sage Gateshead The Sage Gatehead’s Concourse is mostly compared to a large railway station or airport fatal and the hustling and bustling crowds and absolute scale of the space under the high-ceilinged roof surely induced that idea. However, the comparison continues since to get into The Sage Gateshead is to link together with other travelers on a voyage of musical exploration that started several years ago and has several achievable destinations (Foster and Sargent, 2007). The initial departure point was the identification for opportunities for the North East people to participate in live music whether as contestants, listeners or student were extremely restricted by inade quacy of facilities of the type that were present in almost every other provinces of England. This means that North Eastern region was lugging behind in terms of entertainment and learning about musical concepts. In early 1990s, through motivation from Northern Arts and artistes, the now famous pop group of Northern Sinfonia started functioning on plans for a new performance hall (Menon, et al., 1999). They were soon joined by the folk development group, the Folk works which hastily became obvious to all who believed that what was required was â€Å"more than just a performance hall† (Mcgregor, 2008). During the same time, it was noted that the region had several young individuals interested in

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