Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Women, Religion and Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Women, Religion and Politics - Essay Example But the religious doctrines often hinder the women from actively participating in politics. A notable example is the women in Arab countries who particularly remain under-represented in parliaments. When the percentage of women constitutes 16.3% across all the parliaments, it is very low in Arab countries. In Iraq women population constitutes 50% while their representation in parliament is only 31%.It may be because of the strict influence of religion on women folk. But there is a remarkable change in Africa and in Latin America where there has been an increase of more than 5 points during the past 10 years. In these countries religious rules are more liberal that enable women to participate actively in politics. The reservations allotted to women in all the parliaments are controversial even now. This is made clear by Gila Stopler when the author states: â€Å"Though modern liberal theory is commonly understood as guaranteeing similar rights to both men and women, I will argue that there exists a tremendous gap between this understanding of liberal theory and the reality of both liberal theory and liberal practice in relation to discrimination against women. A similar gap exists between the liberal attitude toward sex discrimination and the liberal attitude toward racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination.† ... In USA, the Republicans could keep clear view about women, religion and politics. Their female candidate Hillary Clinton launches a contemptuous attack against the current insurance industry in USA .She accuses that the covetous reforms deliberately lying in all reform plans are based on defending their profits. She may be the first lady who publicly attacked any Americans or American industries. In USA we can't find a clear cut margin between US women's religion and politics even though the female candidates of Republican party including Hillary were the followers of Roman Catholic Religion. Structured religion in the world always has been and remains the enemy of women's rights .Roman catholic churches fought with tooth and nail against the developments of woman .Today the most dreadful enemy of women - socially, politically, and economically - is the religious constraints. Even the sexuality of women is under religious scrutiny. Religion overpowered the equal right debate. The Bible establishes women's inferior status, her unseemliness, and the god practiced a master/servant relationship. Even the Bible itself produces the evidence for gender discrimination. Ferrara and Wilson make it clear when they state: "Jesus Christ took the flesh of human nature and made it wholly his own. In the unity of the Church, a Gentile is as much an image of the Jewish Christ as a Jew; a slave is as much the image of the freeborn Christ as a citizen; a woman is as much the image of the male Christ as a man. It is arbitrary to slice up the unities in one way and not in the other. It is a b izarre fixation on gender that requires male body parts to represent Christ. In fact, it is a denial of Jesus' incarnation and resurrection alike to say that women cannot stand in persona

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