Monday, August 12, 2019

Analysis and explanation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analysis and explanation - Essay Example The events and situations taking place in the book are also important and they include: meeting Sharraf, killing of the wild animals, and the railway incident among other minor ones like the journey itself, the terrains and the insecurity. Lawrence the townsman (who is the main story teller and the one being taken on this tedious journey through harsh, unfriendly and uninhabitable land to go meet Sharraf) is relentless despite the rough terrain of this dessert to go find Sharraf and discuss undisclosed business. Since this land is very harsh not only from the unbearable weather which is marked by scotching sun, terrible winds and extreme heat, but also in terms of insecurity. There seems to be an ongoing war between the Arabs and the Turks. It is as a result of this insecurity that Lawrence hires several men to accompany him in his entourage for the sake of protection because a large number of these Arabs could easily defeat the Turks if they met them (and they did meet a group on their journey back from visiting Sharraf but they were few men and when they opened fire at Lawrence’s entourage, they got a dose of their own medicine and they saw that they were quickly outnumbered and they fled). Auda is the guide of the entourage as he is very familiar with that terrain despite it being a dessert. He is an interesting individual and very friendly towards Lawrence even trying to teach him their language which Lawrence is not very fluent in and hence cannot effectively communicate. The Arab scout’s familiarity with the area is also portrayed when he recalls the name of almost each and every place they pass during their journey which is quite interesting and amazing (Lawrence 164). The roughness of the dessert terrain with deep feet-sinking sand and rocks is an indication of how terrible that place is and it is no wonder the means or travel is through camels (in spite of the insecurity). In some locations, they have to go

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