Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Everday Negotiation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Everday Negotiation - Essay Example More often than not, we are expected to keep the peace, acquiesce be the first to make concessions and not make waves. It is important that in everyday negotiations, we learn how not to easily and naively buy into such self-defeating expectations. There are a myriad of reasons why some of us get less or more salary or wages than others, get better or worse deals that other; one of these reasons is because they either reject terms first offered to them and negotiate, or accept terms first offered to them without negotiating. According to Kolb and Williams (24), the effects of failing to negotiation or bargain smart and hard accumulate over a period of time and that this leads to the widening of the gap that cannot even be measure in monetary terms. This may result in the involved person not being able to get the best deal, authority, or resources that would enable them to succeed. Especially in business and in the work place, the effects of failing to negotiate and acquiescing instead of holding down the opposition’s feet and bargaining hard and smart can increasingly become negative with time and result in failed business deals or bad careers. Good everyday negotiation, according to M. R. Carrell, M. Carrell, and Heavrin (46) is a matter of understanding the basic techniques, which include bringing together all your insights and observations about the party that one is negotiating with, practicing, speaking and standing up for oneself on a daily basis, irrespective of how small or big a negotiation is. Most of our day-to-day interactions essentially, are a series of negotiations; thus, not knowing the simple basics is doing a great disservice to ourselves. Every day, we negotiate with our friends about what we would like to do or want done, we negotiate with our families regarding what to eat, who to pay bills, and who does the dishes; we negotiate with sales personnel on the price and cost

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