Friday, August 23, 2019

White-Privilege Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

White-Privilege - Essay Example ply believed as an outright fact that whites were superior, now this has become an insidious sociological norm that often goes completely unnoticed.To get rid of this delusional thought of white privilege, people must realize their equality with others. Firstly, a working definition of this invisible advantage needs to be understood to create a common ground for discussion. White privilege is the unremitting belief that this group has the only correct standards, morals, opinions etc. to the absolute exclusion of any other racial groups ideals or beliefs. In the enforcement of these standards greater and greater societal distances are built up between the white and the non-white racial groups. Consequently, this results in the constantly reinforced belief that whites deserve this extra "allocation of resources" and greater success because of some inherent superiority that they innately possess. All other groups are simply responsible for their own difficulties, which has nothing to do with any white privilege (Hays & Chang 135). It is held in firm belief that white privilege means that the white race is in a better social place than with other races. Presently and historically we see these racial attitudes represented in all levels of society and government as well as business and education. They are here personified by past President Thomas Jefferson. His thoughts on the subject are representational of the general beliefs held at the time. Jefferson wrote Notes on the State of Virginia and while the greater part of the book was devoted to the topography of the land and its bounty, one small section addressed the concerns of the politicians and the people of the state regarding its black community. It is interesting to note that at the time slavery was so accepted that that particular word, slavery, is no where to be found in this short section, this is merely taken as a fact, no need to mention it. This section turns into a mostly biological treatise that talks

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