Monday, July 29, 2019

Can Go Company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Can Go Company - Case Study Example ted by each member, and each member has clearly defined roles with the team leader overseeing each contribution for inclusion in the final process floow chart. CanGo Company needs to expand its books market but lacks a competent strategy to venture into a new market, and management’s lack of financial commitment to implement the proposed process layout solution. According to Jack, a competent architectural firm has provided process flow chart that would improve services at CanGo but the involved costs seems too high for the management to take. Lack of a clear strategy is evident as Warren does not seem to understand how the use of advanced technology in the process flowchart will result to increased sales volume. The recommendations are first defining a strategy where all members are trained and informed of their role in the process followed by technology implementation in phases depending on the critical solutions they provide to the company. Jack identifies the problem of jumbled flow workers to pick books and long search times both of which have contributed to lowered productivity. Additionally, the introduction of technology throughout the production process would mean lying off some employees. The recommendation is to have every employee properly trained and their responsibilities integrated into the new system while ensuring that the benefits that come with flexibility of the system are leapt. Additionally, evaluating the best economic times to implement new technology is essential in ensuring the upgrades do not remain

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