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Quantitative Analysis of Hospitality Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Quantitative Analysis of Hospitality - Article Example An additional purpose is to attract new donors in order to receive more financial support from outside. Another purpose of an annual report is to provide information to the public about the trends in a given Company. Diversification is a strategy for a successful Company. Marriot is diverse in terms of business activities it ventures in and in terms of regional exploration. Therefore, Marriott has diversified in order to gain financially from the business activities that they are venturing in. The roles of Chairman of the Board and the President of Marriott The role of J.W. Marriott Jr., as the executive chairperson and the chairperson of the board of Marriott is to oversee all the activities of the Marriott Company by establishing the broad policies and objectives of Marriott. It is also his role to appoint the Chief Executive officer of Marriott. Marriott Jr. also plays the role of approving the annual reports of the Company. Second in the rank of Marriott is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Mr. Ann M. Sorenson, is to give advises to the board of directors in the organization, Mr. Sorenson also motivates the organization’s employees as well as driving for critical changes in Marriott Company. The purpose of performance highlights The purpose of the performance highlight in an organization is to compare the performance of two or more given years, for example, the financial status of a Company in the year 2012 and 2013.The major outcome of the Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR), for the Marriott Hotels experienced a great increase all hotels around the World. There was an increase despite the global financial meltdown that was experienced among the world’s major economies from the year 2008. The increase was greater in America because the economy of the continent grew stronger, and because the growth in modest industry supply. Performance of Marriott in different regions From the figures given in this annual report, t he Americas are still far way ahead of other regions where the Marriott hotels have ventured. It has the number highest number of brands, open rooms and it has also ventured in many other countries more than any other region. Compared to other regions, the Americas is also doing better in terms of social responsibility activities that Company is doing to its society. However, the greater potential lies in the European region where the business of hospitality seems to be growing so fast. This is because as indicated in this annual report, the Marriott Hotels ventured in Europe three years ago, and the number of brands, rooms opened and the countries it has ventured is high. The Company is only in its third year since venturing in Europe, and it is already meeting the five-year goal target that had been set. The Middle East and Africa region is lagging behind because it has been over thirty years since the first Marriott Hotel was built in the region, yet, it has only 7 brands and 41 open properties. This compared to Europe is below average. The political instability and poor economy in this region are the major factors contributing to this slow growth rate of Marriott hotel in the Middle East and Africa regions. The potential risks and uncertainties to the Marriott brand. One of the major risks that the Marriott Hotels are exposed to is the financials loss due to the global financial recession that affected the globe in the year 2008.

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