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Sales planning and operations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Sales planning and operations - Essay Example Sales can be stated as the lifeblood of a business.Earning sustained profitability is the basic aim of conducting sales activities in an organisation. In order to boost up the sales of LPPT Cola in the market, the corporation needs to identify the target market for their offered products. Subsequently, after recognising premium target consumer segment of the products which can facilitate to increase the sales of the company in the long run, the organization needs to make a comprehensive market analysis to recognise the specific requirement trends of the customers from the offered product (Treace, 2013). In the following step, LPPT Cola needs to make an outline of their sales plan. The company needs to study its targeted market thoroughly and consequently it needs to analyse the sales objectives as well as the requirement of manpower to reach the end-users (IILM, n.d.). As a Sales Director, there is a need to have a directional plan in place for the entire sales team at the outset. Mo reover, a contingency plan also needs to be prepared so that any untoward scenario in terms of unavailability of a sales team member is handled efficiently. At the same time, if the Sales Director of LPPT Cola finds it to be necessary, he can even interact with the concerned authorities of the same industry, which will help him to advise the marketing manager to sketch a detailed structure of the plan (The Sales Management Association, 2013). After the determination of the targeted market and sketching the sales plan, the next process will be the creating a network or connectivity. To make the consumers aware of the products of LPPT Cola, at the initial stage, the organization can take the aid of strategies such as telemarketing, e-mailing and door-to-door selling among others. In terms of pricing of the products, it is essential to prepare a competitive pricing to mitigate the threat of substitute products. With regard to the sales force, LPPT Cola needs to inculcate the strategy o f planning, coordination, controlling and motivating to ensure that customers are offered with best possible service. This strategy can ensure a sustained profitability from sales activities in the long run (Kundu, n.d). Structure of the Sales Department Learning Outcome (b) Business objectives are the aims, purposes and goals of the business. The significant role of business is to achieve its goals. The main objective of the business is to maximize its profitability. Operating business cannot have only one objective because a company needs to meet the demands of different stakeholders such as employees, consumers, creditors and shareholders among others. In terms of the stages or processes involved in an organisational sales strategy, it can be said that the primary facets involve: Preparing sales objectives Studying sales market environment Recognising the various alternatives available Assessing the alternatives and selecting the best possible one for the organisation Preparing s ales budget and forecast Formulating sales plan and gaining approval of the management Executing the sales plan with the help of appropriate human resource allocation Making an evaluation and review of the sales plan Source: (Trehan & Trehan, n.d.) There are four basic sales strategies such as account targeting, sales channel, selling and relationship, the categorization of these accounts within a targeted market for incorporating strategic approaches in the sales, through accounting groups or accounting. An organized selling procedure for each accounting targeting, sales channel, relationship and selling strategy develops effective and efficient selling procedure which is a significant in

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