Sunday, July 28, 2019

Risk-managemnt policy Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Risk-managemnt policy - Case Study Example Another breach that the organization endured during the course of its operations was an inside job where personal data was stolen. This was achieved through the weak access-control policies that are utilized within the organization which allowed unauthorized individual access to valuable data (Case Study). This paper dwells on ascertaining whether the policy implemented will be effective in ensuring that the customer and organization’s information is adequately secured from future security breaches. This policy will be important because it will help in restoring the customers confidence in the organization’s handling of their confidential data and financial assets. It is also vital since it provides authority and accountability to specific people concerning the authority of disclosing or sharing the information in the organization. According to Calder, Watkins & Watkins, the organizations governing body has to give powers along with the necessary authority to a system administrator who will be the only person who can access the organization’s data. The security on the organization’s customer’s confidential information will be enforced through the use of passwords which will remain known only to their systems administrator (2010). In addition, the systems administrator within the organization will be solely responsible for disclosing any information to any authorized personnel who may require it. To enhance the data’s security further, the syst em administrator will be required to utilize several data encryption techniques. This will include encryption techniques like the creation of block ciphers, feistel cipher structures and the utilization of other advanced encryption standards. These techniques will help in ensuring that unauthorized people within the organization cannot interpret the meaning of the data. This will further prevent them from

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