Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Vision and Rationale Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Vision and Rationale - Assignment Example They do not achieve the core objective of cleaning the teeth, which is performed by the tooth paste and the tooth brush. Therefore, due to the lack of substitute products for this purpose, it is eminent that the market for this product is existent and sustainable. Tooth brushes were first invented in China, where the Chinese used the soft pig hair on the neck to make tooth brush bristles (Segrave, 2010). In Europe, the use of tooth brush started in France in the early eighteenth century. However, tooth brush was first patented in America by H. N. Wadsworth in 1885, after which many American companies embarked on the production of tooth brushes (Jones, 2010). The bare facts is that, tooth brushing in America and many other countries was not a common phenomena, until the soldiers who had gone to fight in world war II came back having adapted this habit. The same happened with tooth paste, which was not used until the 1800s, although the Chinese and the Indians had different substance t hat they used as tooth paste (Segrave, 2010). Rationale for selecting the product Tooth paste and tooth brush have become a necessity for man since a century ago, owing to the health dangers posed by unclean teeth to an individual. Thus, this product comes in the market to serve a basic need that the society has had for decades, only that, it has become increasingly inconvenient for people to pack a box of tooth brush and another one for tooth paste whenever they want to travel. Therefore, the introduction of this new product, which seeks to function both as a tooth brush and a tooth paste dispenser, could not have come at a better time. It will solve the incontinences people have, through allowing them to travel with only one product, which will dispense tooth paste and brush their teeth too. On top of serving as a duo product, this new product will also ensure the maintenance of high health standards, through ensuring that an individual does not use more or less tooth paste while brushing his/teeth. This is because; the product will be designed such that, through a single twist of the base of the brush, the recommended amount of tooth paste will be dispensed. Therefore, there is no way in which individuals will use more or less of the tooth paste, unless they twist the base of the brush more than once, since each single twist dispenses the recommended amount of the tooth paste. Company goals The goals of the company is to solve the problem that the society has, which is that of inconveniencies, associated with the use of tooth brush and tooth paste dispense as different products. Therefore, the company’s goals are: Meet the market need for a teeth cleaning product, which combines the functions of dispensing tooth paste and brushing the teeth. Provide the markets with a convenient product, which is packed singly, yet serving duo functions, for the ease of travel. Saving the people valuable time, through providing the market with an exclusive product th at saves the time used in using the tooth paste and the tooth brush as different products. Strategies to achieve the goals The strategies to achieve the goals will be to design the product such that it has a section that hold tooth paste, at the base of the brush, a lock which prevents the tooth brush from being dispensed accidentally and a dispensing tunnel, through which the tooth paste is dispensed from the base of

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