Thursday, October 31, 2019

3 question for 2 case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

3 question for 2 - Case Study Example 21). Children Act 1989, section 47. The Act outlines the duty to enquire where there are grounds to believe that a child is being subjected to physical, emotional and sexual harm or neglect currently or in future. A89, section 44, local authorities or other concerned individuals to follow a court procedure to remove a child who is in immediate danger It stipulates that the child should remain in a safe place or access to a child is authorized where it is unreasonably denied. If Jamie is prone to immediate danger while living in Tim’s house, an Emergency Protection Order could be applied. This would take at least 8 days giving the local authority time to assess the situation and decide on how to protect Jamie. They may put him under foster care. Children Act 1989, Schedule 2 outlines the powers of local authorities to provide assistance in areas of finance, counselling and other services that might cut down on the effect of disability in a household. The Children Act 1989 contains an important principle of partnership. This means that social service providers must work in conjunction with the families to protect the child and closely with other institutions like schools. Family Law Act 1996, section 42 which provides for a re non-molestation order. Breach of this order is an offence. It also covers domestic violence protection and orders between sections 24 and 30 of the Crime and Security Act. This is relevant for Rose’s protection. She might seek a non-molestation order against Tim to stop him from assaulting her. Tim would be arrested if he breaches the order (Harris-Short, Miles, 2011, p. 257). Rose is being harassed by Tim and this brings up fear of violence. If Tim is charged he might be ordered to stay away from Rose and breach of this order would lead to arrest (Great Britain, 2014, p. 159). The Act Data Protection of 1998 and data protection principles,

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