Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Paradise essays

Paradise essays This story is all about a stunner, a charming teen. Her name is Belle. Let me tell you her sorrowful past. Her family, cousins and relatives rejected her. Because, she is the only one who do things wrong all the time. She can get what she wants every time, everyday, whenever she wants. But she doesnt do the things she have to, so her parents told her that; she cannot get whatever she wants anytime, anymore. Therefore, Belle rebelled, by running away from home. She use to graduate college, but she went to her boy friends house. Moreover, talk about everything. After  ½ year, Belle and her boy friend Tony got married. Before they got married, they already had two children. One is a girl named Julian and the other one is named Juliana, they are both female. Julian is 2 months older than her sister Juliana is. So it means Julian is already 11 months and her younger sister Juliana is 9 months old. But Belle is too young to have babies, right? Then after they got married, Of course they will not let the Honeymoon pass by. And so on. After months, Belle had another baby, and it is a girl, so they both named it Julie Anne. And she is just 9 months, when her sister Julian is already 1 year old, and her sister Juliana is already 12 months old. Belle is only 16 when she rebelled, and when she got married, she is only 17, and now, she had three daughters, she is only 18! Still young to have babies... Belle thought that her family was better than her childhood family when she was younger. But that belief is gone. When she saw Tony, her husband, making Love with someone else and that someone is her younger sister... Belle never thought that she could see her sister, even in that way. So Belle was surprised to see her sister, and more surprised to see her husband making love with her younger sister Anna Rose. Tony is a smart simple and dazzling man, neat and responsible. But when Tony got home. He saw her wife Belle cleaning up h...

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