Friday, October 4, 2019

Emergency Services Management - ManMade Disasters - Media Essay

Emergency Services Management - ManMade Disasters - Media - Essay Example Smoke and soot content in air could rapidly increase 1 to 2 hours prior to the fire reaching the perimeter of our town. 3. As a safety measure, I have ordered the evacuation initially of the western suburbs of Everyville consisting of the areas west of the canal. Evacuation of additional areas may become necessary as we track the advancement of the wildfire. The areas identified for immediate evacuation are shown in the attached map. 4. The evacuation will begin in approximately 1 hour from now and should be completed in a maximum of 2 hours. Police and fire service personnel are being deployed in the area to assist in the evacuation. I request all citizens to help these civic employees, who are putting their lives at risk, to do their jobs effectively. Failure to comply with instructions from police or fire services personnel would be treated as a criminal offence. 5. Carry only the minimum essentials with you when you evacuate your home. These essentials are shown in the simple chart below. In addition carry sleeping bags and change of clothing for each family member and some food and drinking water to supplement what is being arranged at the refuge centers. . You can use your own cars or trucks to move to the refuge areas or use the transport vehicles that have been arranged by the civic authorities. The police and fire service personnel would provide guidance. 6. The refuge areas identified in the town of Everyville are the Civic Center, The Church of St. Andrews, and the High School. The location of these refuge areas are shown on the map released with this statement. Volunteers have been positioned at each of these buildings to assign spaces and to help people settle in. Some arrangements for food and water are also being made. Doctors and nurses from the town hospital will be available to provide medical assistance if needed (CWPP, 2008). 7. Before you

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