Thursday, October 17, 2019

In the Lizzie Borden trial, you will write the summation for both the Essay

In the Lizzie Borden trial, you will write the summation for both the prosecution and the defense - Essay Example Thus the trial started. However, the prosecution team led by District Attorney Knowlton and Thomas Moody  failed to prove their evidences to have sufficient value against the defense team’s presentations. The different evidences that the prosecution had to present before the jury included a blue dress that Lizzie had tried to burn, as said by witness, Alice Russell, followed by the contradictory statements made by Lizzie, the statement of the maid who had seen Lizzie in the blue dress, as well as Lizzie being the only person present in the home when the murders took place. The prosecution team also tried to focus on the fact that the relation between Lizzie and her step-mother, who was one of the victims, was not good. Witnesses had provided mixed responses in this regard while one was supporting a good relation and others clearly mentioning that Lizzie herself did not bother to accept her as her mother. Moreover, the team had got proofs that before the murder had taken plac e, Lizzie was found to purchase prussic acid that acts like a poison in the human body (Linder). Witnesses had also made statements for the team of prosecution stating that Lizzie was worried for her father and his wellbeing and that after the murders; Lizzie had doubts over the tenants with whom her father supposedly had some issues. Even regarding the dress that Lizzie had burnt, she had given an explanation that the dress was covered with paints. The prosecution team had tried to focus on the above mentioned issues and determine that Lizzie could be the only person who could be responsible for the murder of her parents. Her purchase of the poison, her being the only person present during the time of the murders, her not being able to explain about the whereabouts of her mother, her burning a dress, as well as her providing the investigation team

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