Monday, October 7, 2019

Hoe does Beth Israel west side comprehensive cancer center in NY Essay

Hoe does Beth Israel west side comprehensive cancer center in NY operate with the collaboration of aptium oncology and continuum - Essay Example Beth Israel Comprehensive Cancer Center is a chief product of Continuum Cancer Centers of New York (CCCNY). CCCNY, a non- profit organization, beforehand used to look after more than 6,000 new cancer patients per year. This new addition to CCCNY makes it one of the biggest and most effective multi- site cancer research centers of the North East (Beth Israel Medical Center Officially Opens Its Manhattan West Side Comprehensive Cancer Center, 2010). The Beth Israel Comprehensive Cancer Center will be working in collaboration with Aptium Oncology, Inc., a Los- Angeles based prime profit organization with more than 25 years of practice in cancer research program development that provides support and enhancement in oncology related programs to private physicians and hospitals. It also provides consulting and organizational expertise to leading institutions around U.S. Aptium Oncology also boasts of having a large and advanced clinical research facility in cancer through the Aptium Oncolog y GI Cancer Consortium (AGICC), and in myeloma through the Aptium Oncology Myeloma Cancer Consortium (AMyC) (Research, 2011). ... Here one needs to first understand the definition of Alliance and the differences in the concepts of Alliance, Partnerships and Collaborations. Alliance is a formal agreement that establishes an association among partnering organizations to achieve a particular aim wherein both organizations agree to share the responsibility through common goals. Partnerships generally mean co existing and usually voluntary relationships among participating groups that are ready to share responsibility of achievement of certain specific goals. Partnerships also contain mutual sharing of available resources, risks and returns realized on terms of pre- agreed legal bindings. Collaborations, on the other hand is a combination of the previous two concepts and is generally used to describe various different joint or multiple efforts. This term is more often than not used to refer long lasting and durable relationships wherein the parties join hands to bring separate organizations into an innovative struct ure with full fledged commitment towards fulfilling a common mission. The associating parties jointly optimize the resources available to them and also share the outcomes and the rewards. Regardless of the name of the associative relationship, working together requires proper policy formulation and policy formulation can be done through thinking backed with evaluation (Evaluation and Collaboration, n.d. pp.1). â€Å"Alliances are a big part of this game [of global competition]†¦They are critical to win on a global basis†¦.The least attractive way to try to win on a global basis is to think you can take on the world all by yourself.† Jack Welch, CEO, General Electric (Speech at Harvard Business School,

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