Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Personality or behavior - Organizational Behavior HRM Case Study

Personality or behavior - Organizational Behavior HRM - Case Study Example The concept of personality has a broad definition from a psychological perspective. Nonetheless, the most reasonable definition asserts that personality is the personal characteristics that result in a consistent pattern of behavior, thoughts, and emotions (Ajzen, 2005; Stuart-Kotze, 2006). Specifically, personality is an arguably permanent aspect of an individual influenced by culture, family, life experiences, group membership, and beliefs. Consequently, personality is consistent, impacts behaviors and action, and expresses multiple concepts such as thoughts and feelings.On the other hand, a behavior is the action resulting from our values and beliefs. From a psychological viewpoint, a behavior is a response to external and internal stimuli that produce externally visible outcomes influenced by experience and a change in attitude. Therefore, personal behavior is flexible as affected by organizational culture and ethical beliefs supported by a company (Ajzen, 2005). Consequently, th e difference between behavior and personality is that the latter is rigid and permanent while the former is flexible and changeable to fit in a particular culture. Specifically, this is because changing the substance of personality such as attitudes, principles, philosophies, and ambitions is difficult (Stuart-Kotze, 2006).The Big Five personality model is a combination of broad domains of personality Specifically, this model is essential as it aids in understanding different trait in personality without overlapping.

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